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  Cruise Code: CM107
Ship Specifications:
LOA: 132 feet
Passengers: 12
Decks: 3
State rooms: 6
Amenites: All rooms with
private baths, television,
telephone, mini-bar and
stereo music systems
Engines: 2 Caterpillar
Cruise certification: Global
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Cycladic Mykonos Cruise. 7 days.

7 day CRUISE: Mykonos/Mykonos - for Groups of 10-12 persons only

A visit to the Greek Islands of Mykonos, Delos, Paros, Sykynos, Santorini, Ios, Naxos and Mykonos on the M/Y Theodora.

Mykonos is world famous. It is no coincidence that this, the most cosmopolitan of all the Greek Islands attracts so many visitors from all over the globe, including large numbers of artists and intellectuals.

The sacred island of Delos was, in myths, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Today the island is uninhabited: it is a vast archaeological site whose superb monuments draw thousands of visitors in pilgrimage to what was, for a thousand years or so after the ninth century BC, the political and religious centre of the Aegean. The archaeological site covers almost the entire island, starting on the west side, where the sacred harbour was located.

Paros the third largest island of the Cyclades after Naxos and Andros has developed into an important centre of tourism in recent years. Paros has been inhabited since very ancient times and was one of the centres of the Cycladic civilisation.

Sikinos has retained all of its island character and this adds to its attractions for those in search of peace and an authentic atmosphere. The island has been inhabited since ancient times, as has been proved by the finds made in the Episkopi district. As on all the more isolated islands, the religious feasts are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Santorini one of the best known islands of the Cyclades and differs from the other islands in the group thanks to its geological morphology, the result of action by its volcano, now dormant. The landscape on the western side of the island is where towering cliffs are crowned by tiny, blindingly white houses plunge straight into the depths of the sea. The steep coastline of the west is countered by the vast beaches of the east side, some of them sandy others are pebbled.

The coastline of this predominantly mountainous island with its countless chapels, olive trees, vineyards and limpid air is adorned with small attractive coves. Those features combine with the crystal clear sea, the superb sandy beaches and the good range of amenities to make Ios a magnet for tourists.

Naxos, the largest and most fertile of the Cycladic islands lies almost at the centre of the Aegean. Meadows running down to vast beaches, cliffs sinking suddenly into the sea, rocky mountain side by side with fertile valleys, abundant springs and streams, these are just some of the features of a natural environment marked for its variety. The island is first heard of in the myths and then mentioned throughout every period of history, though it was at the peak of its glory during the period of the Cycladic civilization.

Please note that the itinerary is tentative and may be subject to change due to client demand, weather conditions and/or Captain’s duties and responsibilities concerning passenger safety and well being. Cruise itinerary may be amended to include time extensions or visits to additional ports of call (ie. visits to additional or other Greek Islands and interesting places in Turkey) provided that reasonable notice of intended itinerary changes this has been requested and agreed in advance.

Cycladic Mykonos Cruise. 7 days.

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