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  Journey code: FR 47

Our services include:
Airport transfer
Baggage transportation
Information meeting
and welcoming cocktail
Modern coach with A/C
for all excursions /
transfers (8 days)
7 x Overnight stays on
HB in very good hotels
Folklore night in Plaka
Wine tasting in Nemea
Athens by night incl.
folklore night
Tour guide for the
whole programme
Highlights of Greece

From Attika with the famous Acropolis, to the heart of continental Greece, and the breath-taking Meteora rocks. Passing luscious green forests and steep slopes you arrive in Delphi, the centre of the Ancient World, and continue to the great temples and Propylaea of Olympia. Every place in Greece is connected to an ancient myth. The smell of the sea, the mountains, the wine, the olives and the citrus fruits accompany you throughout your journey.

Day 1: Flight to Athens
Arrival at Athens airport where you meet your guide and are transferred to your hotel. After room allocation you all meet for a welcoming cocktail and to go over the programme of the next few days.

Day 2: Athen - Acropolis + City tour - Kalambaka
The day begins with a tour of Athens starting with the Acropolis (Propylaea, Temple of Athena Nike, the Parthenon, Erechtheion). In the late afternoon you head north, via Thermopylae and the Thessalian plain, to Kalambaka. Here, at the end of the Thessalian plain, nature has created the rocks of Meteora, a unique phenomenon. This is where the monks came to pray during the Byzantic Era and founded the Monk Republic of Athos on the summit of these vertical rocks. Overnight stay in Kalambaka.

Day 3: Kalambaka-Delphi (approx. 210km)
In the morning you visit the Meteora Rocks and one of the monasteries. These rocks rise vertically from the plain creating a fascinating picture. You continue to Lamia, at the Western edge of the Parnassus Mountains. The final stop is in Delphi, the centre of Ancient Greece and one of the most important excavation sites of classic antiquity, situated in a charming valley surrounded by mountains. Overnight stay in Arachova.

Day 4: Delphi-Patras-Olympia (approx. 230 km)
Today you visit the Sanctuary of Delphi, known worldwide as the Ancient Oracle. You see the beautiful Stadion, the impressive Theater, the Treasury, the Temple of Apollo, the Kastallia Springs and the Museum with the glorious pieces of art. After a short ferry ride from Antirio to Rio you reach Patras and continue slightly further to the famous Sanctuary of Olympia, situated in a unique landscape. Overnight stay in the area of Olympia.

Day 5: Olympia-Nafplion (approx. 180 km)
You start this day with a visit to Ancient Olympia. You will see the Stadion, the Temples of Zeus and Hera, the Palaestra and the Museum, where unique findings are displayed. The journey continues through the impressive mountainous area of the Peloponnesus to arrive in Nafplion. This charming town with its fortifications and the Water Palace of Bourzi offers many interesting sights for you to visit. Hotel in Tolo.

Day 6: Mystras-Sparta-Diros (approx. 400 km)
This day is free for you to relax and enjoy as you like. If you prefer to do some more sightseeing, we can take you to the Byzantine ruin town Mystras near Sparta, where you can visit many churches of great architectural interest and monasteries with beautiful frescoes. Then we drive to the region of Mani with the unique towers and proud people. Here you will visit the wonderful cave of Drios with its stalagmites and stalactites, one of the most beautiful sea caves in the world. Return to the hotel in Tolo.

Day 7: Nafplion – Epidavros – Mycenae - Athens (approx.150 klm)
Your first visit today is to Epidavros with the well-preserved 2,300-year-old open-air amphitheatre. The next destination is ancient Mycenae, where you will see the Cyclopean Wall and the mighty Lion Gate, the earliest examples of monumental architecture in Europe. After a short drive you reach Isthmia and the Corinthian Channel, which was completed in 1893. You stop here for a rest and a cup of coffee. In the afternoon you reach Athens. On your last night in Greece we take you to Plaka (old centre of Athens) and introduce you to Greek specialties, wine and traditional dances.

Day 8: Athens-departure
Transfer to Athens Airport and return flight

Highlights of Greece

Athens: Acropolis

Ancient Ruins: Delphi

Kalambaka: Meteora


Athens: Epidavros


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