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  Journey code: BR 35

Our services include:
Ferry crossings Ancona-
Igoumenitsa-Ancona in
4-bed inside cabins with
Bus & passenger port taxes
Free bus passage from 20
2 x Breakfast on Board
5 x overnight stays in
a very good hotels
Dinner and folklore
night in Koropi
Boat-trip through the
Corithian Channel from
Corinth to Epidavros with
breakfast buffet on board
Visit to the 'Metaxa' -
Tour guide for the
entire programme
Wine - Special study tour

Some of Greece’s most important exported goods are wine and raisins. This tour guides you through the most significant vineyards of the Greek mainland to learn all there is about the methods of cultivation, harvest, processing and various grape varieties used from ancient to contemporary Greece.

Day 1: Italy - Greece.
Departure of the ferry from Italy in the evening. Overnight stay on board.

Day 2: Achaia Clauss – Wine cellar (approx. 180km)
Arrival in Patras. Visit to Greece’s largest wine cellar, ACHAIA CLAUSS for a guided tour of the facilities by one of their specialists followed by a wine tasting. From there to your hotel in the beautiful harbour town of Nafplion.

Day 3: Nemea-vineyards, Mycenae.(approx. 80km)
Trip to Nemea and Mycenae. On the way we stop at the St George’s vineyards (red wine). We visit the factory where the wine is produced for an informative discussion with their specialists and a wine tasting. Further on from there to visit the famous Akropolis of Mycenae with the Lion Gate, the Cyclopean Wall, the King’s Tomb and the Treasury. Overnight stay in Nafplion.

Day 4: Athens (approx. 140 km)
Today we visit Greece’s capital, Athens. Crossing the Corithian Channel you arrive at the famous wine distillery METAXA near Athens to learn about the Attica Variety (red). Overnight stay in Athens.

Day 5: Akropolis, Attika-Vineyards (approx. 60km)
The city tour of Athens begins from the breathtaking Akropolis and the Parthenon. From there you visit the parliament, the national museum, the national park and finally the old town. In the afternoon you drive through the Attica villages to the regions famous vineyards of the area. In the evening you can enjoy a traditional dinner with folklore music and dancing in Koropi and of course try the aromatic local barrel wine. Overnight stay in Athens.

Day 6: Kalambaka-Meteora. (approx. 350km)
Early start to visit Kalambaka and the amazing Meteora Monasteries, two of which you visit. The view of the vertical rocks with the monasteries built on their peaks is indescribable. Overnight stay in Kalambaka.

Day 7: Metsovo-Ioannina-Igoumenitsa. (approx. 220Km)
The last excursion takes you through the mountainous landscape to Metsovo, an idealic village know for it’s woodcraft and unique architectural style. Most of all though it is known for the “Katoi-Averof” wine cellar. After a tour of the cellar and a wine tasting at the facilities you can enjoy a walk through the narrow streets of the village overlooking the Pindos mountain range. From Metsovo you continue through Ioannina (short stop at the lake) to Igoumenitsa for boarding the ferry to Italy.

Day 8: Arrival in Italy
The ferry crossing from Igoumenitsa to Ancona is an unforgettable experience. The ships are fully equipped with modern facilities to ensure a pleasurable journey. Swimming pools, restaurants, bars, discos, casinos, sun-decks, shops, comfortable, modern cabins and of course air-conditioning throughout the ship. Enjoy a relaxing and secure journey over the Adriatic.

Departure also possible from Bari/Brindisi/Venice

In the land of the Gods

Achaia Clauss
Achaia Clauss

Drinking wine
Drinking wine

Making wine
Making wine

Making white wine
Making white wine

Making red wine
Making red wine
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