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  Journey code: BR 24

Our services include:
Ferry crossings Ancona-
Patras-Ancona and Piraeus-
Rhodes-Piraeus in 4-bed
inside cabins with
Bus & passenger port taxes
Free bus passage from 20
2 x Breakfast on Board
1 x Overnight stay in
4 x Overnight stays in very
good hotel in Rhodes/HB
Athens by Night incl.
Folklore night or dinner
at fish taverna in Piraeus
Shopping day-trip to
Marmaris incl. Oriental night
Greek folklore night
Boat-trip to Simi
Wine tasting in Ebona
Tour guide for the
entire programme

Rhodes, an island with rich history, traces of which are to be found
throughout the island. We invite you to see her beauties, enjoy her mild
climate, swim in the deep blue seas and relax on the sandy beaches.

The fact that these peaceful sceneries are only in short distance from
the glamorous lively lifestyle and atmosphere of the city makes Rhodes
a favorite holiday destination.

Day 1: Italy – Greece
Boarding the ferry in Ancona in the evening. Overnight stay on board.

Day 2: Patras – Athens (220km) Arrival in Patras.
By coach along the north coast of the Peloponese, over the impressive Corinthian Channel (short stop) to Athens. Overnight Stay in Athens. The evening is free for you to visit a traditional Greek tavern or to organise a traditional folklore night in Plaka (the old town of Athens).

Day 3: Athens- Piraeus
Boarding In the morning we take a tour around the city of Athens to the National Park, the National Museum, the Akropolis with the Parthenon and the ancient Agora. In the evening we go to Piraeus to board the ferry to Rhodes. Overnight stay on board.

Day 4: Rhodes- City-Tour
Arrival early in the morning. After breakfast you have the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the picturesque city of Rhodes. The city has two faces, the old one maintains a feeling of the past and is surrounded by walls dated back to the Middle Ages, and the new one which stretches out beyond the walls and has the feeling and rhythm of a modern city. We visit the Mandraki-Port which encloses most of the business and trade of the island and continue to visit Monte Smith. From there we go to our hotel.

Day 5: Island-Tour. (approx. 165 km)
Our journey follows the west coast, along vegetable cultivations, watermills and beatiful little villages to Kamiros. Here we find the most famous necropolis of the island, which was discovered by archeologists in the ’30ies. A large part of it has been left uncovered. We continue to Embona (The wine centre of the island), Monolithos, Ghennadi und Archangelos and back to the hotel.

Day 6: Rhodes - Lindos - Seven Springs. (approx. 100 km)
Lindos’ extradinary beauty and ancient port is the island’s top attraction. Built on the rocks, the impossing Akropolis is proof of Lindos’ deep historical roots. On our way to the Acropolis we visit the Byzantine church of the Virgin Μary dated back to the times of knights and the dark ages. On the way back we make stop at the “Seven Springs” , a green park seven springs meet up to form a small lake.

Day 7: Boat trip to the island Symi (approx. 98km)
Approx 25 nautical miles from Rhodes lies the small island of Symi. She is know as the island of the sponge-divers and the shipbuilders. Symi has preserved the primitive nature of a typical Greek islands to this day. It is a mesmerizing trip!

Day 8: Rhodes (1/2 Day)
Boarding This excursion takes us to the Rhodes’ most significant natural beauties, the famous Butterfly Valley.. The Monastery of Filerimos is fascinating not only for its history but also for its breathtaking location and view. We then visit the thermal springs of Kalithea. In the afternoon we board the ferry to Piraeus.

Day 9: Piraeus - Korinth - Mykene -Patras / boarding. (approx. 220km)
We arrive in Piraeus early in the morning and journey by coach to Corinth (short vosit to Ancient Corinth). From here we move on through the Peloponese, stoping at Corinth to visit the archeological site in Mykene with the famous Lion-Gate, one of Greece’s most significant findings, and finally to Patras to board the ferry to Italy.

Day 10: Arrival in Italy
Journey Home The ferry trip from Patras to Ancona is an unforgettable experience. The ships are fully equipped with modern facilities to ensure a pleasurable journey. Swimming pools, restaurants, bars, discos, casinos, sun-decks, shops, comfortable, modern cabins and of course air-conditioning throughout the ship. Enjoy a relaxing and secure journey over the Adriatic.

Departure also possible from Bari/Brindisi/Venice


Old town of Athens: Plaka

Island: Rhodes

Lindos: Rhodes

Lindos: Rhodes

Island: Rhodes

Island: Symi
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