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  Journey code: BR 31

Our services include:
Ferry crossings Ancona-
Patras-Ancona in 4-bed
inside cabins with
Bus & passenger port taxes
Free bus passage from 20
2 x Breakfast on Board
6 x Overnight stays in
very good hotels/HB
Excursion to Nekromanteio-
Mini-cruise to the islands
of Paxos-Antipaxos
Wine tasting in Metsovo
'Tsipouro' Night
Fish taverna in Kastoria
Visit to the Wax Museum
'Vrellis' in Ioannina
Tour guide for the
entire programme
The mysteries of northern Greece

Through Epirus, Thessaly, central and western Macedonia.
You journey through a fascinating, ever-changing landscape with
dominating mountain ranges, beautiful lakes and forests, green valleys
and impressive gorges. Every corner of Macedonia is rich in mythology
and history.

Day 1: Italy- Greece Boaridng-
The ferry departs in the evening. Overnight stay on board.

Day 2: Igoumenitsa-Sivota. (approx. 25km)
Arrival in Igoumenitsa. You make a small journey to Sivota, a picturesque area with a beautiful coast line and small bays, to check-in to your hotel. Overnight stay in Sivota.

Day 3: Ioannina-Metsovo Meteora (approx. 220km)
Todays destination is Kalambaka. Your journey takes you over Ioannina (the capital of Epirus on the Pamvitis Lake) to visit the Perama stalactite cave. From there to Metsovo, the idyllic mountain village built in traditional style. Metsovo is know for its weaving mills and its wood carving. During your stop enjoy the wonderful view of the great Pindos mountains. You arrive in Kalambaka in the evening. The view of the Meteora Cliffs and the Byzantine monasteries built on their summit is simply breathtaking. Overnight stay in Kalambaka.

Day 4: Volos-Pilion. (approx. 140km)
In the morning you visit two of the Meteora monasteries. Your next destination is the picturesque port-town Volos and the Pilion villages, built in the most amazing green scenery, hidden in the forests and plantations of the Pilion range, also home of the centaurs. You have the opportunity to take a short tour into the Pilion mountains. You can have dinner in one of the many excellent taverns in the area that offer local specialities. Overnight stay in Volos.

Day 5: Thessaloniki. (approx. 210km)
The nymphs of the Thermaic Golf , with its glamour and many sightseeing possibilities, awaits! Following an enjoyable journey through the Tempi-valley along the coast you arrive in the capital of Macedonia, the second largest city of Greece. Thessaloniki, among others has many well-preserved Byzantine churches, roman ruins and an beautiful old town built around its “Kastra” fort. You visit the archaeological Museum where the impressive Macedonian tombs are displayed. You can also enjoy a traditional meal with tsipouro and Greek specialities in the area of “Modiano”. Overnight stay in Thessaloniki. In the evening you can take a walk through the “Ladadika” where most of the city’s night live is concentrated.

Day 6: Pella-Vergina-Edessa-Kastoria. (approx. 230km)
Today’s journey offers a lot of sightseeing such as Pella (the ancient capital of Macedonia and birthplace of Alexander the Great), Vergina (famous archaeological site where you can see the royal tombs of King Phillip II and his Queen), Edessa (an picturesque town known for its waterfalls). You journey through the lake district to this day’s last destination Kastoria on the Orestias Lake. Kastoria is build on the Orestias Lake and is well-known for its fur industry and traditional architecture. We recommend the fish at a tavern by the lake. Overnight stay in Kastoria.

Day 7: Zagorochoria-Ioannina (approx. 200km)
In the monring you leave Kastoria and journey towards Pentalogos and Konitsa through the mountainous landscape of Pindos, home to enormous bears! From there to Zagoria. In an almost wild scenery you meet the most beautiful villages with impressing architecture. The past success of the Zagoria-villages’ commerce as a community is evident. In Monodendri you can visit the Vikos-Gorge, an unforgettable experience! From there you continue to Ioannina anc check-in to your hotel.

Day 8: Dodoni-Igoumenitsa-Boarding (approx. 100km)
This day is for walking along the lake promenade and visiting the city’s churches, decorated with beautiful frescoes or you can visit the small island of Kira Frisini. You then journey to Dodoni, where the most ancient oracle of Greece and the Zeus Sanctuary are. You visit the famous Theatre and return to Igoumenitsa to board the ferry to Italy.

Day 9: Arrival in Italy - Journey home
The ferry trip from igoumenitsa to Ancona is an unforgettable experience. The ships are fully equipped with modern facilities to ensure a pleasurable journey. Swimming pools, restaurants, bars, discos, casinos, sun-decks, shops, comfortable, modern cabins and of course air-conditioning throughout the ship. Enjoy a relaxing and secure journey over the Adriatic.

Departure also possible from Bari/Brindisi/Venice

The mysteries of northern Greece

Picturesque area: Sivota

Epirus: Ioannina

Kalambaka: Meteora

Pilion villages
Pilion villages


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