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Our services include:
Ferry crossings Ancona-
Patras-Ancona in 4-bed
inside cabins with
Bus & passenger port taxes
Free bus passage from 20
2 x Breakfast on Board
5 x overnight stays in
very good hotels
Visit to the Achaia Claus
Wine Cellar incl. wine tasting
Visit to the Olive Oil
Museum in Sparti
Traditional folklore nicht
Boat-trip through the
Corinthian Channel
Tour guide for the
entire programme
A journey into antiquity

In 776 BC the Olympic Games started in Olympia and their fame and
glamour ran across Greece. When the Games were held all hostilities
were forgotten and every city was extremely proud to have an Olympic
Games champion among its citizens. Hundreds of years later in 1896 the
Olympic Games were reborn in the home country and took place in the
Athens’ Stadium.

Every 4 years since then they are hosted by a different country and
spread the same ancient messages of peace, friendship and honourable
competition throughout the world. On your journey you discover not only
Olympia, Mykene and the Akropolis but also experience the other side of
Greece’s beauties: its wild nature and crystal clear waters of the Aegean

Day 1: Italy- Greece Boarding-
Departure of the ferry in the evening. Overnight stay on board.

Day 2: Patras-Olympia. (approx.110 km)
Arrival in Patras. A 2 hour drive takes you to your first destination, the famous archaeological site of Olympia, a place of great natural beauty, to see the ancient ruins. In the evening you check into your hotel near Olympia with dinner at the hotel.

Day 3: Olymbia-Pylos-Kalamata .(approx.200 km)
In the morning you visit Olympia and the surrounding monuments, the Museum, the Palaestra, the Temple of Zeus, the Stadium, the Temple of Hera and the Byzantine Church. In the afternoon you journey over Pylos, Methoni and Koroni, places of great historical value and impressive fortresses, to Kalamata. Check-in to your Hotel & dinner at the hotel.

Day 4: Stalactite-Cave of Diros, Mistras. (approx.140 km)
In the monring you visit the stalictite cave of Diros in Vlihada. This cave has an underground river which divides into two main streams and many smaller branches. Through ponds and narrow passages you see the most colourful stalactites and snow-white halls emerging from the water. It is certainly of the world’s most beautiful caves. Around noon you visit the Byzantine site of Mystras near Sparta, where you will find churches of great archaeological interest and monasteries with unique frescoes. Your journey continues over the picturesque city of Nafplion to Tolon. Hotel check-in and dinner at the hotel.

Day 5: Argolis-Tour. (approx. 120 km)
Day-trip to Nafplionm, the former capital of Greece, and to Epidavros, the famous ancient Theatre with the amazing acustics. You also visit the Asklepion Temple and the Museum. From there to Mykene and the Lion Gate, the earliest speciment of monumentary sculpture in Europe and the royal tombs of the Atrids (family of King Agamemnon). Overnight stay in Tolon.

Day 6: Akropolis-Athens. (approx. 320 km)
Over the Corinthian Channel you come to Athens, a vibrant metropolis full of historical monuments. The ancient constructions of the Akropolis with the Parthenon, the Archeological Museum, the Stadium , the National Library, the Zeus Temple and Adrian’s Gate take you on a journey back in time. Overnight stay in Athens.

Day 7: Delphi- Patras- Boarding. (approx.280 km)
in the midlle of breathtaking scenery, surrounded by mountains, lies Delphi, a world famous sanctuary of the god Apollo. It is one of the most significant archaeological sites and home of the most famous Orakel. You visit the Museum and the Sanctuary of Apollo. From Delphi you continue to Patras to board the ferry. Overnight stay on board.

Day 8: Arrival in Italy -
Journey home The ferry trip from Patras to Ancona is an unforgettable experience. The ships are fully equipped with modern facilities to ensure a pleasurable journey. Swimming pools, restaurants, bars, discos, casinos, sun-decks, shops, comfortable, modern cabins and of course air-conditioning throughout the ship. Enjoy a relaxing and secure journey over the Adriatic.

Departure also possible from Bari/Brindisi/Venice

A journey into antiquity

Archeological site: Olympia

Peloponese: Kalamata

Cave of Diros
Mystras: Cave of Diros

Athens: Epidavros

Athens: Acropolis

Famous ruins: Delphi
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