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Booking Conditions

Each programme, package
or service that is offered
within our web pages,
has its own special Booking
Conditions or will be agreed
in writing.

General Booking
Conditions follow:

Relevant Matters

If you request, choose or purchase a service, package, cruise, hotel etc, using a Request Form or a Booking Form from the web pages of Please be advised that you are in communication with our company and not with any third party.

SSL Technology

For your security Bookings made ON LINE or Credit Card payments for our services are made through our Secure Server (SSL technology, a secure environment to encrypt all personal information)

All other Request Forms or Booking Forms that do NOT contain Credit Card or Bank Account details or other sensitive information and do not require a high level of security ARE NOT SENT through the SSL SERVER.

Offers - Pricing

All prices stated within our web pages and in our programmes or have been agreed in writing, are valid once your booking has been confirmed. Offers with an Option will have a stated closing date. Our Company has the right to change prices on our web pages without prior notice. All prices quoted include V.A.T.

Cancellation - Extension - Alteration

Cancellations, Extensions and/or Alterations are in accordance to the conditions applicable to each service or programme. The agreement/offer MUST be in writing.

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